Hosting companies are faced with tremendous competition. To succeed as a hosting company and convince customers to choose you over the competition you must do the following:

  • Reduce your support costs
  • Make your website look professional
  • Provide quality support avenues to your clients
  • Provide something above and beyond your competition

Its a proven fact that easy, accessible support documents make a difference and people would much rather purchase from a company that looks established and provides professional support than one that doesn't. That in mind we are now providing "Fully Branded" Flash Tutorials to our customers for a fraction of what most charge. Your logo will be embedded into the Flash Tutorial Set to give complete integration of your brand.

Resell Discount
We're happy to announce that we're giving all clients the ability to resell the tutorials. This means that after you purchase your initial tutorials, your next sets will be 40% off. We'll embed the logo and you're free to resell them for whatever you wish. This section will be updated continually with new tutorials, so check back often.

WHM Tutorial cPanel Tutorial

WHM/cPanel Combo Tutorial

Fully Branded
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HELM Site Studio
Fully Branded
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Logo Requirements

We'll include your logo in all tutorials, but please note the following requirements/recommendations:
  • Logo must be in .jpg or .bmp format only.
  • Logo must not exceed 320px (pixels) in width.
  • Logo must not exceed 280px (pixels) in height.
  • Logo will be placed on a white background, so a white background in your logo image is recommended for aesthetic purposes.
  • The better the quality of image you send us, the better your tutorial will look.
  • Submit a logo as large as possible (keeping in mind the maximum sizes shown above). This will help fill out the page, and your logo will not seem "lost".
  • Maximum file size is 70 KB.

Please note that we have a strict policy that every tutorial produced must have a company logo branding the movie. We will not provide generic non branded tutorials. There are no exceptions to this policy.



WHM Flash Tutorials ( Web Host Manger )

Managing hosting packages
Managing Accounts in WHM
Creating a hosting account
Editing a hosting account
Deleting a hosting account
Upgrading a hosting account
Performing multi-account functions
Managing disk quota
Managing bandwidth
Managing your DNS zones
Managing your subdomains
Managing your skeleton directory
Managing your suspended accounts
Managing your parked domains
Managing your FrontPage Extensions
Modifying account passwords
Monitoring your server
Troubleshooting email
Setting up a Remote Access Key
Changing your WHM theme
Managing SSL Certificates
Managing your Suspended Page

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Cpanel Flash Tutorials

Creating a POP email account
Creating a default (catchall) email account
Creating an autoresponder
Creating a subdomain
Creating custom error pages
Password protecting a directory
Creating an MySQL database
Installing FrontPage extensions
Using File Manager
Using Index Manager
Enabling Hotlink Protection
Redirecting a URL
Redirecting Mail
Changing control panel password
Creating an add-on domain
Creating an FTP account
Backing up your site
Using WebMail
Park a Domain
Fantastico Script Install
Fantastico Script Delete

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Site Studio Flash Tutorials

Getting started in SiteStudio
Creating a Product Page in SiteStudio
Creating an FAQ Page in SiteStudio
Editing a page in SiteStudio
Password protecting a page in SiteStudio
Configuring your Site Settings in SiteStudio

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